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May 09, 2011

Checkerboard of days

Rain and sunshine, and rain again—
Calendar page of checkerboard days…

This timeless pattern have had inspired many creative minds. I'm one of the them and this time I'm using it to re-design an old pair of jean pants that are neither full length nor capri any longer for my daughter.

As my previous clothing re-desing post, this technique does not require a sewing machine. Tools you will need are scissors and needle. And measuring tape, of course.

1. Cut the bell bottoms off
2. Fold the edges measuring 2˝ heigh
3. Cut half way up—1˝—every 3/4˝
4. Unfold the edges.
5. Cut the bottoms into strips measuring 3/4˝ in width
6. String the strips through in a checkerboard pattern
7. Stitch every other 'checker' to secure the stripes in place. I did it by hand using back stitch
8. Wear as capris
…or shorts

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