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April 20, 2011

The Bleach Experiment

A while ago I wrote about a newly discovered technique to renew clothes using bleach. I transformed a simple monotone jersey shirt into a vibrant tie-dye (in that case tie-bleach) garment.

This time I decided to repeat the experiment and I'll tell you why. I took my girls shopping for clothes the other day. I have to admit we rarely do that, but I really had a good time connecting with my daughters through chatting about their school and other silly subjects.

But purchase-wise, the trip was stressful. Despite the array of colorful outfits out there, I couldn't help but notice how overpriced kids clothes are while cheaply made. They even sell shorts that look like cut offs! Come on!

And it seems like distressed clothes trend is in now. So don't stress, distress the clothes at home.

This time I'm sharing this easy yet creative technique to turn an old black dress—this was my older daughter dress before, now she can wear as a top—into antiqued striped top. You don't have to use same diagonal direction that I have, it is totally up to your imagination.

Be careful using bleach though. Use gloves, protective goggles and cover the surface with painter's plastic or tarp. And make sure the room is WELL VENTILATED, i.e. open the windows if you're working indoors. Luckily the weather permits to do so now :)

You will need:

1 cup bleach
2 cups warm water
Spray bottle
Masking tape
Tarp (painter's plastic)
Cotton jersey dress/top
Fabric flower (I used the decorative daisy)—optional

Mix 2 parts water (2 cups)+1 part bleach (1 cup) in a spray bottle.

Line the surface with protective plastic (tarp). Tape a pattern of your choice on a dress with masking tape.

Spray the bleach solution on the dress. Let sit for 10 minutes or until changed to desired color.

Repeat with the back.
Air dry the dress. I ended up cutting off the bottom to make it more suitable as a top and because I didn't like the way the bleached pattern turned out on that part of the dress, but it's all up to you.
Wash in regular cycle, attach the flower (if using) and strike a pose!
I have more clothes I'm currently distressing—stress free!—so stay tuned…

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  1. I love it! I am working on sewing a "simple" black jersey dress. I want to add a bleach design on the bottom.