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April 20, 2009

Tie Bleach Bright Idea

This is about how I saved the day for my second child once.

She’s a kindergartner and her teacher is very creative. She teaches kids colors by having a [color] day: on a Red day the kids have to wear something red and bring a red item to show to the class. It was a Purple day. And it fell on a Tie-Dye day for the whole school and as you have already guessed, kids had to wear a tie-dye piece of clothing. Although our teacher sent home a note that the kids could wear either something purple or tie-dye, if they choose, my daughter was quite adamant to pick between themes. I knew I needed to come up with something because chances to have something purple and tie-dye were slimmer than her waist!

Thinking process took another hour or so and then, eureka! I had an idea. I found a cotton long sleeve purple tee in my daughters’ closet and instead of a tie-dye I did tie-bleach! I tied up the t-shirt and plunged it into a bleach and water solution. Another hour past and I had a perfect tie-dye pattern on a still perfectly purple piece of clothing. I threw it in the laundry then in the dryer and, viola!—a purple tie-dye (pardon, tie-bleach) shirt.

By this time at night my daughter was seeing purple dreams so I put her shirt on a bed stand. Next morning I was THE BESTEST MOMMIE once again!

I have to say I enjoyed the experiment probably more than my daughter enjoyed her new favorite t-shirt. Next day, I went on a rampage through my kids’ closet to find stained colored cotton shirts to repeat the process again and again and again... you get the idea!

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