If I inspired you, I've done my job!

[+1] About me

Welcome to my blog!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Sharizat and I was born and raised in a picturesque place called North Caucasus in the southern part of Russian Federation. Then, I moved to United States and life has never been the same! 12 years later, I live with my husband and three kids in another picturesque place called Poconos.

Why 1000+1? Well, on one hand, it has to do with my first name. It is always mistaken for Shahrazad—a fairy tale princess, a heroine of [1000+1] Arabian Nights. As the story goes, this clever young woman through her witty tales survived 1000+1 nights and earned her new husband's trust, love and respect.

On the other hand, I believe all women can relate to this number for we too need to go through allegorical 1000+1 nights to get adjusted to our lives. Not to mention all 1000+1 hats that we wear!

This number also represents the infinite to me: no matter how much of anything there is, there's always one more, 1000+1.

Although I'm a Graphic Designer by trade, a river of my life took a different bend and brought me to interpreting. And this profession implies being knowledgeable in 1000+1 different areas of life. Thus by becoming an interpreter, I became a jack of all trades, sort of.

Last, but not least, I strongly believe that every one of us possesses many creative talents and with our own hands we can work magic if we only find our way. Sometimes we must try 1000 different ones to find our one true way of expressing our creativity.

With this blog I intent to document my little discoveries and adventures on a way of discovering my creating outlets and humbly hope that my endeavors can spark someone's imagination or inspire someone to make something with one's own hands.

So, check back to see what's cooking in my head and in my kitchen…

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Truly yours,