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July 15, 2012

We are all rivers…of Life Energy

When we are born we are charged with an electric energy. In the East it is called “Prana”, further East they call it “Chi”. I did not do enough research to give it a proper name, so I will just call it “Life Energy”. Think of it as a video game’s Life—we have this one life and we must use it wisely to make it last. Once it’s over, a person passes away of natural causes. If a person is murdered or dies abruptly in an accident, his Life forces dwindles slowly—much slower than in this dimension—in the other dimension as a heap of energy or better known as ghost.

The magic of this dimension we live is in the exchange of Life Energy between all beings. This force is the core in our social relationship with each other.

The trick is that this energy is dynamic and it flows as many streams through this dimension. When you give it, you make room for more to receive. This is, I believe, the saying “The more you give the more you receive” comes from.

So to keep this Life Energy in running you must give and receive. To give is as simple as make someone else happy, smile or do a good deed without expecting any compensation.
What happens when you don’t receive enough? That means individuals that love to collect Energy without sharing it surround you.

Consequently, these people accumulate so much of Life Energy that the flow clogs. But the more they get, the stronger their need to receive… not realizing there’s no room for it. So they suffer, they pity themselves; they crave attention from others and do anything to get it.

All they have to do to let go of some of the Life Energy they’ve collected and see how new batch flows in. For this is how life is—a constantly moving current of energy; don’t be a stumbling block… give it away!
Image Courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/12150532@N04/
We are all rivers—
Some of us run fast,
Others run slow.
Some of us run straight,
Others bend or bow.
But in the ocean
We all flow…

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  1. Hi, Sharizat! This was really interesting and I loved the photo you picked to illustrate the concept. I just read another article on "energy" this morning (no coincidence, eh?) and thought you might enjoy it. (linked below) Thanks again for your insights!