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May 14, 2011

Food Revolution Cook Off

I fist saw Jamie Oliver on Food Network in the Naked Chef show years ago. I was mesmerized by his british accent and his swiftness in the kitchen despite his looks that sell him off as a clumsy fellow. I remember he was making an herb butter, diligently pressing a pestle against a mortar's thick rims. I was hooked! The show was canceled eventually and I merely forgot about my favorite celebrity chef. You see, no matter how much I admire someone's work, be it a role in a movie, a song or a television program, I can't bring myself to follow the cult of personality—it's my backlash to years of imposed ideology of Communist Russia :) Yeah, I'm a revolutionary of some sort!

Few years later, Jamie returned to USA with a program, or rather plan, that is more mind blowing than anything he's ever done, in my humble opinion. I am talking about Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. I suggest you check it out and join in!

The other day they have posted a recipe of a Crunchy Garlic Chicken and a facebook friend of mine suggested I participate in photo contest for this entry. So I did.

I had to deviate a little using chicken tenders in lieu of chicken breast and whole wheat Triscuitcrackers. Plus I added more parsley since my Ingredient Of the Month (IOM) are herbs. Moreover, I put the chicken on a bamboo skewer—my kids can eat [almost] anything off the stick!

So please visit the web site, sign the petition and get cooking… join the Revolution!


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